Sunday, July 5, 2015

Iran Nuclear Talks and The Wizard of Oz

It is Sunday morning and the talking heads are trotting members of Congress out to talk about the ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.  With few exceptions (Sen. Tom Cotton for one) are expressing great confidence in the ability of the Obama/Kerry negotiating team to extract a 'good' agreement from the Iranians. They take comfort in that stance by referring to the recent deal struck by Republican Senator Corker and Democrat Senator Cardin that gives Congress an opportunity to 'review' any agreement that is negotiated. Mission accomplished...they have imposed restrictions on Obama's legacy seeking adventure. NOT SO FAST! Remember the famous admonition from The Wizard of Oz..."Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

The press likes to report the  power to 'review' as a big concession from Obama and the the politicians like to pat themselves on the back for standing up to his demands. But when you really look at the details, the so called power to 'review' is about as strong as a wet paper bag. Here's how it goes:  Obama/Kerry not known for their negotiating skills, give away the ranch and get a piece of paper in return. They send the piece of paper to Congress where the politicians, looking serious and knowledgeable, announce they are examining the details to ensure we are getting something of substance in return. Here they have a choice...nod in agreement or if, as expected, the piece of paper is worthless they can hold a simple majority vote to reject the agreement.

Here's the trickery in their grand plan.  They advise Obama that they have voted and rejected the agreement. Of course the original deal gives Obama the right to veto their disagreement.  OK folks, here comes the Sting. Obama notifies Congress that he vetoes their disagreement and sends the deal back to them for a chance to override his veto. Now the Congress needs two-thirds of each chamber to override his veto.  YIKES...TWO/THIRDS? Now seriously folks, who is gullible enough to believe that either chamber could attract enough Democrat votes to reach the two-thirds threshold and deny Obama his pitiful legacy. In short, Congress, in its ongoing cowardice, refused to stand firm and foisted this elaborate shell game on the voting public.

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