Thursday, December 20, 2012


My youngest son has taken me to task for making a critical comment about something that Senator Tom Harkin said.  The following is a quote from his (Harkin's) tweet:  "Speaker Boehner’s Plan B would raise taxes on middle class families and cut taxes for millionaires."

Whoa, let me think about that!  Plan B simply put permanently extends the Bush tax cuts for everyone except those making over $1 million.  How in the world could Harkin interpret that as raising taxes on middle class families and cutting taxes for millionaires?  There is only one way to arrive at that convoluted logic:

A.     The House passes Plan B and forwards it to the Senate.

B.     The Senate takes up the bill (assuming Harry Reid will allow it on the floor) and by some miracle passes it.  Keep in mind, the Senators do not want to irritate the electorate going into the 2014 elections. The bill is then sent to the White House to be signed.  This is the Senate Democrats fall back position.

Now here is where the Democrats logic becomes purposely vague and cloudy.  Remember, the goal of Plan B is to extend existing tax levels. The Democrats, therefore are ready to make a two way argument.  If Plan B is passed and existing tax levels are extended, Democrats will describe that as a tax "cut". On the other hand, it Plan B is not passed, taxpayers will no longer have the benefit of existing tax levels and the Democrats will deem that as being a tax "increase".  The net result is basically talking out of both sides of their mouths or, perhaps, a typical example of a shell game.

C.     The President, in order to maintain his title of class warrior in chief , will veto the bill and resulting the the Democrats convoluted definition of a tax "increase" on the middle class.

Perhaps now you can see why I am critical of Sen. Harkin's tweet.  The only way for the middle class to have their taxes "increased" is to reject Plan B (not likely to happen in the House so Harkin can't blame Boehner for that).   Similarly, the only way for the "rich" to get a tax "cut" it to reject Plan B.  Now I am not a particular fan of Plan B but it is a far better alternative than anything presented by the White House.  I would include Harkin in that category but he hasn't presented any original idea of his own.

That is all I have say about that.

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