Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Obama Chasing His Tail In The Mid-East

Let's see if I have this right.

1.    Obama abandons Iraq saying the war is won and al-Qaeda is on the run. Pivots to Libya.

2.    Qaddafi is a bad guy, so Obama bombs Libya to help get rid of Qaddafi. Obama pats himself on the back while four Americans are being murdered in Benghazi.

3.    One time buddy of Hillary in Syria, President Assad, is in the midst of a battle with rebels trying to overthrow him.  There are questions about chemical warfare against Syrian citizens. Obama pounds his chest and draws a red line. Assad crosses the red line and Obama dithers. Then Putin steps in and helps get the chemicals out. Obama saves face, sort of, and is now ignoring Iraq and Libya.

4.    Obama becomes embroiled in scandal after scandal so he does what he does best...campaigns and fund raised. In the meantime, he takes his eye off of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

5.   While playing golf and fund raising, Obama ignores the turmoil between factions of the Syrian rebels trying to unseat Assad. Subsequently, an extreme group of rebels, ISIS or ISIL (take your pick) splits off from the main rebel group and begins to occupy parts of northern Syria and commit a string of atrocities. Obama still occupied with golf and fundraising.

6.   ISIS expansion spills over to northern and central Iraq committing even more atrocities and threatening the Iraqi government. Obama takes time away from golf and fundraising to offer a suggestion that ISIS is like a jayvee team in Laker uniforms. No apparent threat.

7.   Protests against the ISIS expansion and atrocities finally get so loud that Obama orders some aid and limited air strikes against ISIS. When Kurds chase ISIS forces off a dam and a couple of cities, Obama pats himself on the back and resumes playing golf and fundraising.

8.   ISIS starts to issue not so vague threats against the West and the U.S. in particular then beheads an American journalist to make a point.  Obama takes a few minutes off to make a TV statement about the beheading and races back to the golf course.

9.   Hue and cry in the public and political circles force Obama to consider taking the head off the snake by striking inside Syria. He begins to dither again.

10.  In the meantime, rebels in Libya have taken over Tripoli so the entire, costly venture by Obama has been for naught. Got rid of a dictator, got some jihadists.

Deja vu...all over again.